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You're on a journey.

You're trying to build your dream community. You're looking for opportunities.  You need to reach your goals. You're starting a new career. Learning a new industry.  Starting that side hustle.  

You need to find funding for that unicorn you started.  

Our mission

Our mission is simple.  Pintro was founded on the belief that a social platform can elevate humanity's best qualities.

Our goal is to simplify the process of mutual support, value exchange, and connection sharing for both individuals and communities. 

Pintro is a community-driven platform, meticulously crafted to foster positive interactions and mutual aid. 

We are dedicated to empowering you to excel. Our vision is for you to surpass your aspirations. 

Discover Pintro- where connections flourish. 

The problem

The original mission of most social networks was to bring us closer together. Yet, many of us are more divided than ever before.

Why? Too many connections. Too much noise. Our requests to be seen, heard and supported are lost in impersonal threads. 

Our community groups are lacklustre, lacking engagement and a sense of collaboration. We blame the tools, 'cos you're all awesome.

Sometimes you reach out on LinkedIn and it's like...

Pintro is a groundbreaking app focused on ‘paying it forwards,’ designed to request smart introductions, get targeted help, offer support to peers, and discover collaborative opportunities. 

Find your community. Share stuff. Build trust. Thrive. 

It's time for change.

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Emma Obanye - Capital Enterprise

"Pintro has the potential to get communities really engaging and collaborating. I’m looking forward to seeing what value it can bring to our members."

David McQueen - Co-founder Q Squared Ltd.

"What I love about Pintro is it's vision to unlock the potential in all our communities.  It makes it easy to support your peers and reach your goals."

Harriet Muscroft - Catalyst Processes

“The right connections are everything. Being able to tap into the experience and connections of your community network is incredibly valuable”

Do you love startups and enjoy a hustle? We are looking for passionate people. Contact us.

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Unlock the Power of Connection With a Platform That Not Only Connects, But Elevates. Designed for Individuals, Community Managers, and Event Organisers to Thrive. 

Learn more about how Pintro can help you achieve your goals.  

We are all being disrupted by change, and starting new careers, startups or adventures. Despite numerous connections, the quest for meaningful interactions remains challenging. With pintro. discover a solution that connects you directly to the collaboration, opportunity or help you need. 

Exchange Value, Not Contacts.

Pintro design enables frictionless peer-to-peer support and introductions at events, coworking spaces and within existing communities. pintro. is for those looking to increase engagement and derive more value from their networks.

Online & IRL

Brings people together to create thriving, engaged communities. Connect with relevant professionals and seize opportunities. 


Easily manage your event or community engagement and respond to requests for help and introductions from your community. 

Value Exchange

Pintro’s reciprocal ecosystem fosters business growth, personal growth and societal progress. 

How it works.


Create a profile

As an individual or business.  


Post a support request

At an event, coworking space or WFH? 

Post to your community or inner circle feed. Ask for an introduction, help or just share what's on your mind.


Respond to others requests

Filter your feed by post type and keyword and easily respond to your peers' support requests. 

Share who and what you know. Get rewarded for contributing to your community!

As an Events Manager, Community Owner or Wo-working Space.  

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Invite your members

Share a link to your community profile.  Grow and easily find like-minded people on the Pintro platform to invite to your community.


Easily facilitate engagement

Filter your feed by post and support request type. 

Easily manage your community engagement and respond to requests for help and introductions from your community. 

Tailor your content and events. 

Elevate Your Networking Experience with Unmatched Efficiency.

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pintro. Networking Reimagined.